Achieve a seamless connection of Salesforce solutions with other critical business platforms.

As a reliable Salesforce integration services partner, we at HIC Global Solutions realize how challenging it is for businesses to work with disparate data centers.

Salesforce Integration Services in canada

Our Salesforce Integration services include

Integration of systems

We help you with a seamless integration of Salesforce with various systems provided by different third-party vendors

Data Integration

With this, you get a view of your business with real-time synchronization with any application in market

API based Integration

We help you with API Based Integration services to empower your business to utilize additional functionalities like eCommerce solutions, geolocation services, etc.

Why HIC for a quality Salesforce Integration Services?

Use of best technology

HIC Global Solutions make use of the industry’s best middleware tech for building integrations on the Salesforce platform.

Get a complete 360° view

Achieve a 360-degree view and a single source of truth for businesses. We deploy custom connectors, prediction enhancements, and a centralized database for accuracy.

Reduce complexities

Our successful integrations result in faster data retrieval, reduction of the performance hindering factors, and streamlined processes.

Improve what you want

Get improved flexibility, accelerated sales processes, real-time engagement, and continuous Support.

Explore Customer 360 Solutions with us

Our Testimonial

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what people
say about HIC

Team HIC helped my insurance company with their befitting Salesforce solutions. They will go and quickly come up with workable solutions. They were able to understand our challenges and were communicative. The Salesforce developers at HIC have really creative ideas. It has been very helpful to have HIC for our Salesforce needs. I would get back to them for more related projects.

Heather Martinz
Senior Product Manager

I am really impressed with the developers at HIC, they have good technical knowledge, excellent communication skills and are understanding. The results these guys gave me were impressive.

Brad Sylva
Salesforce Admin

HIC Global Solutions has been fantastic to work with. They are knowledgeable, professional, creative and excited about what they do. They have found solutions to our technical needs for our fashion boutique. They have exceeded my minimum expectations with their high-quality solutions. I’m very pleased with the final result that is emerging.

Justin MacIntosh
Founder, MattiD

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